If you haven’t traveled for work while simultaneously gotten sick, you haven’t truly lived. It’s a real treat. There are ways to do it properly though. Definitely make sure to have a melt-down phone call in the middle of an airport on the other side of the country to make sure that your boyfriend and parents know how miserable you are. You should absolutely be so congested that you are nearly certain your eardrums will burst during the plane ride, and definitely make sure to have gum on hand so that you can obnoxiously smack it around in the hopes to save your hearing. For good measure, make sure to land around 1am and then pick up a rental car. The attendants are friendliest at that time.

All complaining aside, the Colorado landscape is magnificent and seeing the Rockies only from afar was a tease. They’re so looming and promising and seem so like they’d be so much more fun than whatever work I should be doing.  Next time around, I’ll have to plan my trip so it includes some more time to just bow down in awe of those mountains.

Hello there.

First time here? Me too! So, hello!

I have a lot of hopes for this thing. There’s been a lot of build-up to it. Years of it, in fact. If you chat with my parents they’d say that it’s been an inevitability since that day in kindergarten when the teacher informed them of my “very strong language skills” (code for being chatty and/or a vocab show-off, I bet).

Blogs have been a part of my daily (read: multiple times a day) reading rotation for the last few years. They fascinate me in the way that the details of daily life become beautiful and interesting, and I think I’m so all-in on them because I want more of that for me. More of the seemingly mundane being recorded in a way that really makes it worth remembering, savoring, etc. etc. etc.

So, here we go!

Lift off!

Simba, it is time!