Usually I’m not a big hobby person. As a child, my pastimes of choice were reading and following my mom around to tell her how bored I was. She’d always tell me that I “just need[ed] to find a hobby” and my boredom would be solved.

20+ years later, I’ve (finally) figured out how to trick myself into finding new hobbies. Present it as “learning new skills” and I immediately get on board. That way, hobbies come to feel like personal development instead of activities to pass the time. Right? Right?

In the name of “personal development” a couple of weeks ago I signed up to learn a really foundational skill: how to make a flower crown! K, so not totally foundational to life as we know it, but so much fun!!

The class was held at Kanibal & Co (wonderfully curated shop in Jersey City, make the trip) and led by Christa Akers of A Petal to Peddle. Christa knows her stuff and has such a passion (and talent) for working with all things floral. Her excitement is contagious, to the point that I walked out thinking I should totally quit my day job to play with flowers all day.

Who knew that flower crowns involve so much floral tape? I didn’t even know what floral tape was before this whole thing started, but now I’m convinced that I should be stockpiling it for all future corsages and crowns, cuz who knows when my skills will be called upon???molly in flower crownNot sure if I’ve officially found my new hobby (since I don’t think I could get away with wearing a crown on the reg), but it was so much fun to learn something new, even if it was something on the silly side.

What are your hobbies? Any crazy craft that I should get into? Leave a comment! Teach me!!

engaged, ya’ll

We’re engaged!!! I’m late on blogging about it as we’re now about a month into it, but it’s fun to relive a little, so I’m going for it.


After over three and a half years together, Steve proposed on a trip that I had planned as a surprise birthday trip for him to upstate New York but that plan quickly got hijacked (much to my ignorance) and turned out to be a huge surprise for me instead. During the moment, all I could repeat was “this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy” while having full body shakes. After officially accepting, my parents came waving out of the woods and I sounded like Kristin Bell when she found out a sloth was coming to her birthday party. It was awesome.

hillside schoolhouse

We celebrated with my family at the Hillside Schoolhouse which in all fairness deserves its own post of abject praise and adoration and I wish I could live in that place and weekend forever.

longest couch known to man

hillside champagneAren’t the innkeepers the cutest?

Now we’ve got a wedding to plan! We’ve got our “venue” booked (read: my neighborhood growing up in Massachusetts) and a “wedding planner” (read: my dad who relishes planning any event with many moving parts), so I think we can pull this thing off. We can’t wait!

storm prep: winter edition

A storm is coming, friends and with it, SNOW! Even if we don’t get that much (Update: 26 inches…), I’m planning to just chiiiiillllll pretty hard.

There’s an embroidery project to finish (embarrassingly it’s been at least 4 mos in the making), a new book to read, and I’m trying to find recipes that are good for a weekend of hunkering down and watching the world turn white and fluffy. So far, I’m thinking this , this, or this tested favorite. My main goal is to have a project to putter with for awhile and for the house to smell good for the afternoon. Manageable goals, really. So if you have suggestions for slightly finicky, time-intensive recipes, send them! I’ve got nothing but time on my hands.

The rest of the household has other ways of preparing for the storm:

cat preparing for storm

Yes, her face is directly on the pipe that feeds into the radiator. She’s having a serious love affair this season with the radiators, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Some of us huddle under blankets, others prefer to face-plant into hot metal.

I hope that if you’re on the east coast that your weekend is snowy, cozy, and safe and that you find something fun to putter with, even if that just means a new show to binge on.

not quite a white christmas


Christmas is such a dreamy time and I could be lazing around in my santa hat leggings (yes, those are real) at my parents’ house. Life is so much easier in overtly holiday clothing, don’t you think?

dale's jalopy

We were up in Massachusetts for a bit of the holiday break. Normally, I can count on New England to give me some seasonal weather, but she wouldn’t cooperate this year. Lots of fog and warm temps made for some mild, scenic strolls, so I can’t complain too much. Here are some pics to give you a sense of the neighborhood

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Linus, the tree

It’s feeling festive in here. Advent calendar’s up, balsam candles are lit, lights are up on the fire escape, and there’s a happy little tree named Linus in my living room. For those of you familiar with Charlie Brown Christmas, hopefully you get the Linus, blanket-as-tree-skirt reference here.

At work, it can be hard to feel those holiday vibes, so having a pine-scented, twinkly apartment to come home to has been helpful to make the season feel more present.

Below are some pics of Linus in all his majesty.

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