this week

Mural in downtown Jersey City

The impending move began to feel real this week. I did my first round of goodbyes, gave keys to our new tenant, picked up (and started to fill) boxes, and seriously began to consider how life will look outside of NYC’s orbit. Despite the emotional heaviness, this week had its share of fun and absurdity.

I accidentally dented my cab driver’s car with my rogue shopping cart of packing boxes. He was cool with it.

The cat and I fought an *enormous* cockroach that flew in the window. If I wasn’t already happy with the decision to leave New York, that would have really pushed me over the edge.

My coworkers threw me a little happy hour complete with rosé and queso dip. I’m easy to please.

This weekend I’m heading up to Massachusetts with another round of boxes and hoping that I can convince Steve to sneak out for a date night in between lesson planning.

New, helpful perch




Epic centerpiece at Lackawanna Coffee


Enjoyed both the story and jacket design of The Heirs


The best smelling table at the farmers market in Van Vorst

this week

It was a week of family, celebrations (my twin’s wedding (!) and the Fourth of July), and hopping back on the (blogging) bandwagon. Since the wedding was on the 30th, I completely forgot about the holiday weekend and found myself with a lot of downtime. There’s only so much Netflix-watching and NYT crossword puzzle-doing a person can do before they start to go a little stir crazy with themselves. So here we are again with blogging and the act of putting something out there into the universe that at least feels somewhat productive. Consider it my atonement for the binge-watching I’ve been doing.

Besides toasting the newlyweds and becoming addicted to Glow, here are a few other things I’ve been staring at, puttering with, and thinking about this week.

We clean up pretty nicely, yea?

The cat likes to be available for recipe consultation

Moon rising into a cotton candy sky

Ambitious potato salad for one

Hydrangea season on the walk home from barre class

Here’s to a weekend of celebrating newly engaged friends, catching up with others from out of town (hi, Alice!), and pretending to watch a baseball game when we all know I’m mostly going to Yankee stadium for the company and Shake Shack.



strawberry hand

If you need me, I’ll be sniffing these strawberries for the remainder of the evening and trying not to think about how much they cost.

If I manage to pull myself away from said berries, I’ll be trying to do one of a few things: finally finish Hillary Clinton’s book (informative, but not exactly light); convince the cat that we won’t ever take her on a road trip again (the attempt to bring her to MA this past weekend was wildly unsuccessful); or poke around on Pinterest to find a wedding invitation design that matches the image I have in my head (the internet is wonderful and awful at the same time).

Hope your June is starting with a couple of expensive produce choices, some long walks so you have an excuse to catch some of those summer temps, and hopefully a book that’s a little more fun than Hard Choices (recommendations welcome)!


Usually I’m not a big hobby person. As a child, my pastimes of choice were reading and following my mom around to tell her how bored I was. She’d always tell me that I “just need[ed] to find a hobby” and my boredom would be solved.

20+ years later, I’ve (finally) figured out how to trick myself into finding new hobbies. Present it as “learning new skills” and I immediately get on board. That way, hobbies come to feel like personal development instead of activities to pass the time. Right? Right?

In the name of “personal development” a couple of weeks ago I signed up to learn a really foundational skill: how to make a flower crown! K, so not totally foundational to life as we know it, but so much fun!!

The class was held at Kanibal & Co (wonderfully curated shop in Jersey City, make the trip) and led by Christa Akers of A Petal to Peddle. Christa knows her stuff and has such a passion (and talent) for working with all things floral. Her excitement is contagious, to the point that I walked out thinking I should totally quit my day job to play with flowers all day.

Who knew that flower crowns involve so much floral tape? I didn’t even know what floral tape was before this whole thing started, but now I’m convinced that I should be stockpiling it for all future corsages and crowns, cuz who knows when my skills will be called upon???molly in flower crownNot sure if I’ve officially found my new hobby (since I don’t think I could get away with wearing a crown on the reg), but it was so much fun to learn something new, even if it was something on the silly side.

What are your hobbies? Any crazy craft that I should get into? Leave a comment! Teach me!!