the river house

My parents are now the proud owners of a little cottage on the Connecticut River.

It’s a tiny place, built in 1831. Right now it looks and feels it’s age. There’s a distinct pitch to the floor, slanting towards the back of the house towards the river. The windows, despite having those beautiful, bubbled panes of glass, aren’t really helping to keep any drafts out. Small creatures are likely living in the darker corners. All of that said, it’s going to be a total gem when we’re done with the renovation. I say we because as you can imagine with this type of a project, though my parents are the owners in name, now that Steve and I live here, we’re going to be knee-deep in it, too. There’s the distinct possibility that we end up renting the house if we haven’t landed in a house of our own by the spring, so we’re feeling particularly invested in the whole thing.

I’ll be posting updates here and am still trying to land on a hashtag – #riversedgereno (?). I’m currently accepting any other suggestions and encourage you to follow along on. It’s going to be a dramatic transformation.


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