first anniversary in the berkshires

We’ve been married for a year!

Life looks a different than I had expected it to at this point. I thought we’d still be in New York’s orbit and that we’d both be in our same routines. Definitely wouldn’t have thought that we’d be back in MA and that one of us would be a teacher. Lesson here, and one that I’m sure I’ll learn again many times, is that it’s foolish to think you know how your life will unfold before you. So far the unexpected twists have been happy ones.

To celebrate our first year, we headed to the Berkshires! Despite growing up an hour away, I’m not overly familiar with the area, so it felt like a good place (within a nice driving distance) for us to explore together. We stayed at the new(ish) Hotel on North in downtown Pittsfield, MA. ┬áThe hotel is made up of two old buildings that have been lovingly remodeled while still retaining their old souls. It’s a beautiful mix of creaky floors, metal details, and plush furniture without a hint of the chintz that can be hard to avoid in some of the small hotels in that area.

After checking in, we headed to Mission Bar + Tapas for a late dinner of shared plates. The brussel sprouts were a particular standout; I want to have them with goat cheese all the time now!

On Saturday morning we slept in but managed to make it down the street to Dottie’s, a quirky breakfast spot. They had lots of twists on your standard breakfast fare, but the biggest twist was the Kimchi Breakfast Bowl. It had peanut butter in it! Is this a real combination? Am I suppose to have known about this? It was funky. Jury is still out.

After stopping back at the front desk to book in-room massages for the afternoon (!!) we went to Mount Greylock. It was a gorgeous day for a hike but we hadn’t done much research and were missing some gear, so we drove up to the summit. Greylock is the tallest peak in Massachusetts so even by car it’s a lengthy ascent and provided lots of chances to pull over at lookout points. Next time we’ll have to find some good trails and make a day of it.

We poked around on the summit, then drove into North Adams for a quick lunch at Public Eat + Drink before making it back to the hotel for the massages. If I’m being honest, having masseuses come to the room was a little weird and before they got there it felt like we were waiting for strippers to arrive. I don’t know! It felt illicit! That said, the masseuses were really professional and did a fantastic job (read: I fell asleep a little bit), so our awkward feelings disappeared quickly. Highly recommend!

With a few hours left before dinner, we decided to putter around in Lenox so Steve could get some work done and I could dig into the latest Hillary book. Lenox Coffee was a great little spot to post up and watch all the foot traffic from the Lenox Apple Squeeze pass by.

We made our way back to Pittsfield for dinner at Methuselah (recommended by one of our masseuse friends). We got there around 8, worrying that we wouldn’t be able to find a seat, but were pleasantly surprised to get our pick of tables. It’s a hot spot on weekends, so by the time we left it was picking up steam. Despite the growing crowd, the service was awesome, and the food was a fun, quirky mix of flavors.

All in all, the Berkshires, and particularly Pittsfield, pleasantly surprised us. We’re thinking of heading back for a weekend in the winter if only just to snag the Library Suite at the hotel! heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes.

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