this week, vol. 4

queen anne's lace past its prime

We’re making the transition into fall. Colder mornings, hot tea at 10am, and summer flowers passing their prime. As the temps transition, I’ve been trying to make my own shifts as well to adapt to the new normal, or life in the slow(er) lane as I told a friend this week. Mostly I’m having to remind myself that this move back home (and more specifically to my childhood home) was a choice, that it’s a phase, and that it’s not an opportunity to regress. So here’s to taking more action next week, getting out of the house more often, and being easier on myself.

Biking in MA > biking in a city. So much easier to get out for a quick ride here, and I’m finding that I enjoy it a lot more than I used to. #thisis30

fearless kitty

Vet trips are stressful for everybody. It feels better when you can hide under a parent’s seat.

My dad’s usually got a project going. I just didn’t expect it would be installing a bust in the woods.

pumpkins too soon

I’m not ready for pumpkins. This feels abrupt.


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