this week vol. 2

Mural in downtown Jersey City

The impending move began to feel real this week. I did my first round of goodbyes, gave keys to our new tenant, picked up (and started to fill) boxes, and seriously began to consider how life will look outside of NYC’s orbit. Despite the emotional heaviness, this week had its share of fun and absurdity.

I accidentally dented my cab driver’s car with my rogue shopping cart of packing boxes. He was cool with it.

The cat and I fought an *enormous* cockroach that flew in the window. If I wasn’t already happy with the decision to leave New York, that would have really pushed me over the edge.

My coworkers threw me a little happy hour complete with rosé and queso dip. I’m easy to please.

This weekend I’m heading up to Massachusetts with another round of boxes and hoping that I can convince Steve to sneak out for a date night in between lesson planning.

New, helpful perch




Epic centerpiece at Lackawanna Coffee


Enjoyed both the story and jacket design of The Heirs


The best smelling table at the farmers market in Van Vorst

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