we’re moving!

Photo taken by Alice as I was trying to make my bed for the first time in my third New York apartment . I’d like to think that this photo represents all of us during a move.

Moving is hard and stressful and brings out the procrastinator in me. That said, we’re doing it anyway and at the end of July, we’re moving to Massachusetts.

I’ve been in the New York Area (Manhattan & Jersey City) for almost 8 years. It’s been my home ever since I got my first job and scrambled to find my first apartment. The whole process of finding said apartment was absurd, so humor me for a second as I relive my youth.

I was crashing with my friend’s (very gracious and accommodating) parents’ apartment while I ran around the city finding a suitable apartment. Emails to Craiglist strangers went unanswered. The few apartments I saw were sketchy. Morale dipped. As I began to overstay my welcome, I found a room listed on the Upper West Side. The only challenge was that the open house was scheduled for later in the week. Since I’d already lingered too long with my friend’s parents, I got desperate. I asked to see the apartment sooner since I had to leave the city in the next few days. Thinking that my desperation would be endearing, I wrote that I was “running out of clean clothes.” Ah, to be young and believe that’s a normal thing to write to a complete stranger. Thankfully they weren’t completely thrown off and let me check out the apartment early.

Navigating real estate in New York City is one big lesson in lowering expectations. The room ended up being a “railroad,” so one of my roommates would literally walk into my room and pass my bed in order to get to her own private shoebox on the other side of some french doors that were carefully covered by a sheet to provide some semblance of privacy. Somehow it wasn’t a total deal-breaker for me, so I took the room and ended up becoming great friends with Alice who had listed the apartment in the first place. She sometimes asks me if I’m running out of clean clothes just to bring me back to my roots.

ANYWAY, I’ve come a long way from that little room on w. 110th St. It’s strange to start packing up this home we’ve created in Jersey City, but the timing is right. While the New York area has been home base for the better part of a decade, the city doesn’t feel like home lately. Steve and I have wanted a change of pace for awhile, so when the opportunity for Steve to do Teach for America presented itself, we had to take it! Heading back to Massachusetts (where I grew up) is going to be a transition, but it’s one that we’re excited for! Stay tuned over the next few months as we readjust to life in “the Valley.”

Now if I could just get motivated to pack.

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