engaged, ya’ll

We’re engaged!!! I’m late on blogging about it as we’re now about a month into it, but it’s fun to relive a little, so I’m going for it.


After over three and a half years together, Steve proposed on a trip that I had planned as a surprise birthday trip for him to upstate New York but that plan quickly got hijacked (much to my ignorance) and turned out to be a huge surprise for me instead. During the moment, all I could repeat was “this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy” while having full body shakes. After officially accepting, my parents came waving out of the woods and I sounded like Kristin Bell when she found out a sloth was coming to her birthday party. It was awesome.

hillside schoolhouse

We celebrated with my family at the Hillside Schoolhouse which in all fairness deserves its own post of abject praise and adoration and I wish I could live in that place and weekend forever.

longest couch known to man

hillside champagneAren’t the innkeepers the cutest?

Now we’ve got a wedding to plan! We’ve got our “venue” booked (read: my neighborhood growing up in Massachusetts) and a “wedding planner” (read: my dad who relishes planning any event with many moving parts), so I think we can pull this thing off. We can’t wait!

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