pavlova = edible cloud

As I said before, I feel strongly that lemon curd is best utilized when topping pavlova. The awesomeness is all about the texture combinations: the creamy tart of the lemon curd and the weird (in such a good way), crunchy airiness of the little pavlova. Steve who had never tried it before said that “it changed his world-view,” so you know it’s gotta be good, even life-changing if your expectations are low enough.

The moment of pavlova creation was a last minute, late night endeavor. One of those nights when it’s already 9 and it’s a silly time to start a new project, but you go for it anyway. That being said, I did not document the cooking process. Lighting was not great, patience was thin, etc. etc. Trust me though when I say that the hand mixer and I got to spend a lot of time together whipping up egg whites for that signature puffiness.

pavlova naked



Check out that mountain of meringue, would ya? Prrr.

In the name of keeping things simple, I went with this recipe that had a simple ingredient list and allowed me some flexibility between making one giant pav (yes, that’s its nickname) and a bunch of mini ones. I went the mini route so I could stash the leftovers in the fridge for the rest of the week. Surprisingly, they’ve held up really well! I was worried about them losing some of their airiness and getting droopy, but no signs of it yet.

trio of ingredients

(Just a thought, but if I had my own country, this would make for some good flag color inspiration, no?)

Half the fun of these baby pav’s is that you get to smash them (see below) to create a little bowl for your toppings. I’m not sure if this practice of smashing is the “correct” approach, but go for it and make sure to use light pressure. No need to force the issue and wind up with an explosion.

smashed pavlova

Give these guys a shot! When I first approached the idea of making them, it was intimidating, but it turned out to be so so so easy, and since you don’t see them too often, they’ve got this aura of mystery that you can use to your advantage next time you’re tasked with bringing a dessert to a party.

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