storm prep: winter edition

A storm is coming, friends and with it, SNOW! Even if we don’t get that much (Update: 26 inches…), I’m planning to just chiiiiillllll pretty hard.

There’s an embroidery project to finish (embarrassingly it’s been at least 4 mos in the making), a new book to read, and I’m trying to find recipes that are good for a weekend of hunkering down and watching the world turn white and fluffy. So far, I’m thinking this , this, or this tested favorite. My main goal is to have a project to putter with for awhile and for the house to smell good for the afternoon. Manageable goals, really. So if you have suggestions for slightly finicky, time-intensive recipes, send them! I’ve got nothing but time on my hands.

The rest of the household has other ways of preparing for the storm:

cat preparing for storm

Yes, her face is directly on the pipe that feeds into the radiator. She’s having a serious love affair this season with the radiators, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Some of us huddle under blankets, others prefer to face-plant into hot metal.

I hope that if you’re on the east coast that your weekend is snowy, cozy, and safe and that you find something fun to putter with, even if that just means a new show to binge on.

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