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not quite a white christmas


Christmas is such a dreamy time and I could be lazing around in my santa hat leggings (yes, those are real) at my parents’ house. Life is so much easier in overtly holiday clothing, don’t you think?

dale's jalopy

We were up in Massachusetts for a bit of the holiday break. Normally, I can count on New England to give me some seasonal weather, but she wouldn’t cooperate this year. Lots of fog and warm temps made for some mild, scenic strolls, so I can’t complain too much. Here are some pics to give you a sense of the neighborhood

wet christmas

In “the Shire” there were lots of long walks that were a bit of a challenge the slower (read: lazier) of my parents’ dogs…

daisy walking

a jog in some misty corn fields…

corn field running

and some quieter moments to stand still for a little bit.

foggy connecticut river on Christmas

Despite getting a new lens (!!!!!!!) for my Canon for Christmas, I don’t have many pictures documenting the holiday itself, but it was a (really) good one. We’ll remember it as one of thoughtful gifting, some puzzle-making (why does a third of the puzzle need to be the same color?!?!), eggnog-drinking, turkey-eating, cookbook-reading, circumnavigating the piles of wrapping paper, and general contentment.

steve and gram

Watching Steve and my grandmother chat about the finer points of everything from politics to flashlight bulbs is the best.

dragon Christmas present

Hope your Christmas break was restorative and that you’re excited for the year that stands before us. New years are always a little intimidating in their room for potential, but it’ll be juuuuust fine. Give yourself some wiggle room in your resolutions, take a deep breath, and go with it.

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