Linus, the tree

It’s feeling festive in here. Advent calendar’s up, balsam candles are lit, lights are up on the fire escape, and there’s a happy little tree named Linus in my living room. For those of you familiar with Charlie Brown Christmas, hopefully you get the Linus, blanket-as-tree-skirt reference here.

At work, it can be hard to feel those holiday vibes, so having a pine-scented, twinkly apartment to come home to has been helpful to make the season feel more present.

Below are some pics of Linus in all his majesty.

ornamentI’m being an ornament minimalist here, but aside from the sentimental and unique ones, I stick to a gold color scheme. Something about gold and deep green is such a satisfying combo.

linus in the apt

Without a “proper” tree skirt, the best we had to work with was an old fleece blanket. Initially, I worried it looked a bit sloppy, but I love it! An unintentional Charlie Brown Christmas homage! Naming him Charlie Brown seemed a bit too obvious, so Linus it is. He’s the best one in that movie anyway.

linus with arrow

linus tree-topper

No star to top this tree this year, so a birdhouse it is. Do what you can with what you’ve got.

Merry merry!

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