november scenes

It’s getting chilly, ya’ll. Finally November is getting seasonal. The down jacket has made it’s debut and I feel pleasantly as if I’m walking around in a puffy blanket that happens to have arm holes. The height of urban glamour.

kitty & radiator

The heat and hot water are back in action after a two week hiatus which means that I can now comfortably shower at home without having to guilt my friends into letting me come over and “borrow” their shampoo, but it also means that my cat doesn’t have a reason to cuddle next to me anymore. Win some, lose some.

breakfast nook with november light

Other updates from me are that I’m workin’ on my fitness care of the local barre studio and I’m LOVING it. As exercise classes and general dedication to working out go, my commitment usually flags pretty quickly. The cost builds up, the classes aren’t always fun, and I don’t hang in there long enough to see results, but this whole barre thing is appealing to my inner yogi/ballerina and it’s great. My butt is forever changed. I’m at least an eighth of the way to becoming a Kardashian.

apple pie

The combo of cozy November weather and my inflated sense of how many calories I actually burn in a barre class have led to some serious kitchen time, of late. I made my first pie!! Cheated and bought TJ’s crust which I don’t think I’d do again (not at all easy to roll out), but the thing was like a Mount Everest of pies thanks to the “use 9 apples” rule that my mom taught me, so at least it looked impressive. I’m taking another run at it for Thanksgiving, so here’s hoping for more satisfying results.

We’re heading up to Massachusetts for the holiday weekend. I have dreams of fireplaces, eating all the stuffing, jigsaw puzzling, and roaming through a tree farm in the sticks to find the perfect one to tag. Hope your holiday is warm, happy, and turkey-scented!!

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