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I like a good stroll. Jersey City’s downtown is kind of small by NYC metro standards of pleasant walk-ability, but its smallness makes it feel nice and homey. It’s a good spot for strollin’. Good for poking around to see what new restaurants are popping up (so many Italian/pizza places) and get some ideas on stoop decoration techniques – there seems to be a firm divide between classy mums and fake, stringy spiderwebs.

Here are a couple of the neighborhood eye-catchers as seen in a recent stroll:

mum stoopStately, no? These people know the power of a contrasting floral arrangement.


pumpkin stoop

Kids were clearly involved in this one. Evidence: paper skull at the top of the stairs, some clumpy spiderweb distribution, and primitive pumpkin carving. That being said, I dig it.

barrow montgomerySomeone tell me what this plant is. The fiery leaves are amazing and SUCH a harbinger of the autumnal colors to come.

white pumpkins

Nice little hybrid – creep factor with the skeleton but those white pumpkins against the black trim is so clean and elegant. These people clearly have a good time thinking up their decorations each season.

blue & orangeI love this light blue trim against brick in all cases, but the orange pumpkins on the stoop really make it pop nicely.

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