anatomy of a weekend

Low key was the name of the game this weekend. 2 weeks of travel and the remnants of a cold to kick meant that a lovely weekend was spent mostly lounging and staying very close to home, but I’m at peace with it!

There was a cat in need of desperate attention (I happily obliged to the point that she needed to sequester herself under the bed), cheeky embroidery projects to work on (to cover up that ugly circuit breaker once and for all), mini farmers’ markets to stroll through (for unnecessary produce), and a Dad to cheer on from afar etc. etc. etc.

A few scenes:

alice bike

My downstairs neighbor takes her bike safety very seriously. Can’t let those other riff raff at the playground snatch it up.


Cat wingspan. Is this normal?

I play favorites with the rosemary. Bringing it back from the edge of death has made me very partial to and protective of it. The other plants don’t stand a chance, ‘cept for that basil which is just so neeeeedy.


This embroidery project is about to take a turn for the naughty. You’ll have to wait til the finished project makes it’s debut. Given the rate I’m going, see ya in February.

Berkshires to Boston

That’s my dad in the shot above. He’s the dedicated and talented brains behind the Berkshires to Boston tour and Rivers Edge Cycling Co. Though I couldn’t follow the year in person this year (why, work, why??), it was a great to follow the tour (@berkstobos on IG) from the interwebs and cheer for him and the riders who made the trek across Massachusetts.

Next on the to-do list is to figure out what to make for dinner and see how long I can watch Scandal before I’m inevitably coerced into turning on football instead.

Here’s to a strong start to the week, people!

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